Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nikolai Nikolayevich Karazin

Nikolai Nikolayevich Karazin (1842-1908) was a Russian military officer as well as a painter.

 After the Fire (1879)

 Cavalry in the 1812 Campaign (1893)

 Cossack on Horseback (1895)

 Entrance of Russian Troops into Samarkand on June 8, 1868

 Russian Troops Crossing the Amur Darya, 1873 (1889)

Khiva Expedition of 1873. 
Russian Troops Crossing the Death Sands to the Wells of Adam-Krylgan (1888)

 Winter Day

Horse Watering at the Edge of a Battlefield

The Fortune-Teller (1894)

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