Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mikhail Nesterov

Mikhail Nesterov (1862-1942) painted scenes of Orthodox religious mysticism.

 Appearance of the Mother of God (1910s)

 Girls on the Shore

 Holy Rus (1905)

 Portrait of O. M. Nesterova, Daughter of the Artist (1905)

Portrait of Olga Nesterova, Woman in a Riding Habit (1906)

 Seeking a Love Potion (1888)

 Taking the Veil (1897-98)

  The Desert Fathers and the Wife Without Fault (1932)

 The Hermit (1888-89)

 The Philosophers Pavel Florensky and Sergei Bulgakov (1917)

 The Soul of the Russian People (1916)

The Vision of the Youth Bartholomew (1890-91)
[depicting the conversion of medieval Russian saint Sergii Radonezhsky]

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