Friday, July 6, 2012

Ivan Aivazovski

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) was a Russian painter of Armenian origin (there's an entry for him in "Armeniapedia"). He was probably the greatest painter of seascapes in the history of art; he captures the sea in all of its many moods. His output was enormous - somewhere around 6000 works are attributed to him. Here is a detailed biography of Aivazovsky.

I'll be posting sets of Aivazovsky's work periodically. There is a lot of it.

 Between the Waves

 Chumaks in Little Russia

 The Landing at Subashi (1880)

 The Ninth Wave (1850)

 The Wave

 A Rocky Coastal Landscape in the Aegean with Ships in the Distance (detail) (1884)

 A Storm 

 After a Storm at Sea

 After the Storm

Alexander II Crossing the Danube (1878)

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  1. Ce peintre m'était inconnu. Ce qu'il fait est superbe.