Thursday, July 12, 2012

Karl Briullov

Karl Briullov (1799-1852) was a Russian painter in the Neoclassic tradition.

 Bahchisaraiskiy Fountain (1849)

 Bathsheba (1832)

Countess Samoilova Leaves the Ball with the Adoptive Daughter of A. Paccini (1841)

 Italian Midday (1827)

 Italian Morning (1823)

 The Last Day of Pompeii (1833)

 Portrait of Maria Arkadyevna Bek

 Portrait of Mariya Arkadyevna Bek with her Daughter (1839)

 Portrait of Princess Z.A. Volkonskaya (1842)

 Portrait of the Shishmariov Sisters (1839)

 Siege of Pskov by Poland King Stefan Batory in 1581 (1843)

Portrait of the Brightest Princess Elezabeta Pavlovna Saltykova (1841)

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