Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nikolai Nevrev

Nikolai Vasilyevitch Nevrev (1830-1904) painted historical and genre scenes.

Archdeacon Proclaiming Longevity at the Merchant's Birthday Party (1866)

 Boys Playing Cards (before 1870)

 False Dmitri I Taking an Oath of Allegiance to King Sigismund III (1874)
[who was False Dmitri? find out here]

 Pavel Mochalov among his Admirers (1888)
[who was Pavel Molachov? find out here]

 Moral Suasion (1893)

[what are Oprichniki? find out here]

Oratress (1890)

The Soldier's Return Home (1869)

 Peter I in Foreign Dress (1903)

Portrait of a Woman (1892)

 Presentation of a Marriageable Girl (1888)
[she doesn't look thrilled]

 Princess Praskovya Yusupova before Becoming a Nun (1886)

 Roman Galicia Receives Ambassadors of Pope Innocent III (1875)

Vasilisa Melentyeva and Ivan the Terrible (1886)

The Ward (1867)

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