Thursday, May 24, 2012

Franz Roubaud

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928) painted battle scenes and scenes of the Caucasus region. He also painted some of the largest panoramas known (for example, the Sebastopol Defense Panorama).

A Game of Buzkashi
[some information about the painting - PBS video]

 A Mountain Village in the Caucasus

 A Steamboat on the Black Sea

 Assault on Gimry (1891)

 Boat on the Shore (1889)

 Circassian Horsemen at a River

 Circassians Crossing a River at Sunset

 Cossacks in a Mountain River (1898)


 Market Street near the Registan Square, Samarkand (1888)

 Passage of Prince Argutinskiy through the Caucasian Ridge (1892)

 Playing Kokpar

 The Hay Cart

 The Living Bridge (1892)

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