Monday, June 11, 2012

Edward Petrovich Hau

Edward Petrovich Hau (1807-1887) was a Russian painter who specialized in detailed (almost photographically so) renditions of palace rooms - a documentation of how the 1% in 19th century Russia lived.

 Bathroom of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the Winter Palace

 Blue Drawing-Room in the Mariinsky Palace

 Boudoir of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna in the Winter Palace

 Cathedral in the Winter Palace

 Fourth Spare Half-Bedroom in the Winter Palace
["fourth spare half-bedroom"? are you kidding me?]
 Hall of the German School in the New Hermitage
[paintings of paintings take a special skill, it seems to me]
 Hall of the Russian School in the New Hermitage
[the large painting on the right is The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Briullov]

 Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Antechamber of Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolayevich

Military Gallery of 1812 in the Winter Palace

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