Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vasiliy Vereshchagin

Vasiliy Vereshchagin (1842-1904) was a Russian realist painter who specialized in battle scenes and scenes of travel through Asiatic regions.

After Setbacks (1868)

 At the Fortress Wall. "Let them enter!" (1871)

 Battlefield Near Shipka Pass (1881)

 Bayonet Charge (1895)

 Before Attack near Plevna (1877-78)

 Captured with Arms? Shoot Them! (1895)

 A Crucifixion by the Romans (1887)

 Dressing of the Bride 

 Hemis Monastery in Ladakh (1875)

In Jerusalem. Royal Tombs (1885)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ivan Aivazovsky, ctd

Your Monday helping of Aivazovsky.


 Crimean Tartars on the Sea Shore (1850)

 Darial Gorge (1868)

 Dusk on the Golden Horn (1845)
 [what is the Golden Horn?]

 Exploding Ship (1900)

 Fight Steamer Vesta, with the Turkish Battleship Vechta-Bulend in the Black Sea, July 11, 1877

 Figures in a Coastal Landscape at Sunset

 Fishermen on the Coast of the Sea (1852)

 Fishermen Returning Near Naples (detail) (1874)

Flock of Sheep in a Storm (1861)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Bunch of Mikhails

 Mikhail Balunin: Conversation Outside a Teahouse

 Mikhail Berkos: Street in Uman (1895)

 Mikhail Petrovich Botkin: Vespers in the Church of St. Francis in Assisi in 1871

 Mikhail Scotti: Minin and Pozharsky (1851)

 Mikhail Vatutin Emelianovich: The Tutor

Mikhail Zichy: The Performance in Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre on the Occasion of the Holy Coronation of Emperor Alexander II

Mikhail Klodt: The Sick Musician (1859)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Bunch of Sergeis

 Sergei Ivanovich Fungi: In the Shop

 Sergei Konstantinovich Zaryanko: Interior of the Winter Palace, The Fieldmarshals Hall (1836)

 Sergei Svetoslavsky: Autumn, Towards the End of the Day

 Sergei Vinogradov: Workers at Lunch (1890)

 Sergey Gribkov: Hide and Seek (1893)

 Sergey Gribkov: The Water Carrier (1873)

 Sergey Miloradovich: Journey to Siberia

Sergey Miloradovich: Solovetsky Monastery Uprising Against New Sacred Books in 1666 (1885)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Bunch of Ivans

 Ivan Andreevich Pelevin: Children in a Sleigh (1870)

 Ivan Bogdanov: For Payment (1890)

 Ivan Bogdanov: The Apprentice (1893)

 Ivan Endogurov: Early Spring (1885)

 Ivan Endogurov: Rain

 Ivan Gorokhov Lavrentevich: At the Bedside of a Convalescent (1886)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Portrait of an Unknown Woman with Flowers and Fruit (1838)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Still Life with Candle (1830s)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Young Woman with Basket of Grapes (1838)

 Ivan Petrovich Trutnev: Procession at Vodoosvyaschenie Village

Ivan Seleznev: The Last Chord

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Bunch of Alexeis

Paintings by Russian artists named Alexei (really reaching for a theme, here).

 Aleksey Tyranov: Portrait of Ivan Aivazovsky (1841)

 Alexei Denisov Kuzmich: Wildfire (1897)

 Alexei Mikhailovich Kolesov: Peasant Offering a Soldier a Drink

 Alexey Avakumovich Naumov: Tea Party (1886)

 Alexey Korin: Barge Haulers (1897)

Alexey Lukic Yushan: Farewell to the Chief