Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Bunch of Ivans

 Ivan Andreevich Pelevin: Children in a Sleigh (1870)

 Ivan Bogdanov: For Payment (1890)

 Ivan Bogdanov: The Apprentice (1893)

 Ivan Endogurov: Early Spring (1885)

 Ivan Endogurov: Rain

 Ivan Gorokhov Lavrentevich: At the Bedside of a Convalescent (1886)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Portrait of an Unknown Woman with Flowers and Fruit (1838)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Still Life with Candle (1830s)

 Ivan Khrutsky: Young Woman with Basket of Grapes (1838)

 Ivan Petrovich Trutnev: Procession at Vodoosvyaschenie Village

Ivan Seleznev: The Last Chord

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