Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fedor Vasilev

Fedor Vasilev (1850-1873) was a Russian landscape painter. (Here's more on Vasilev.)

 After the Rain. Country Road (1867-69)

 After the Storm (1868)

 At the River. Windy Day

 Return of the Herd (1868 or 69 - hard to read the date at lower right)

 Swamp in the Forest. Autumn (1872)

 The Thaw (1871)

Volga Marsh

Wet Meadow (1872)

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  1. Great blog, thank you for sharing these, and in such high rez too! I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum in Stockholm last year when the had the Peredvhizniki show up, and I snapped high rez pics of every single painting in the show, which I posted on my blog here. There are 5 parts. Here is a link.