Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Battle Scenes

19th century Russia saw a lot of armed conflict and numerous painters documented this in great detail. Here are a few of those paintings.

 Alexei Kivshenko: Battle of Shipka-Sheinovo, December 28, 1877 (1894)

 Alexei Kivshenko: Nizhegorodskiye Dragoons Pursuing the Turks on the way to Carswe during Aladzhinskogo Battle on October 3, 1877

 Alexey Bogolyubov: Battle near Gangut on the 27th July 1714 (1877)

 Franz Roubaud: Storming the Fortress of Akhulgo

 Nicholas Karazin: Entry of Russian Troops in Samarkand, June 8, 1868

 Paul Osipovich Kovalevsky: Crossing the Danube

 Sergey Miloradovich: The Defense of the Troitse–Sergiyeva Lavra by Russian soldiers and Orthodox

Viktor Mazurovsky: A Charge of the Russian Leib Guard on 14th June, 1807 (Friedland) (1912)

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